Sticky Fingers Bakery
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Soulful, earthy and seasonal baking.

Hayley McKee is a cookbook author and owner of Sticky Fingers Bakery, established in 2010. She is passionate about creating sweets that taste of nature, where the ingredients are familiar, the colouring is genuine, and the flavours are unmasked. Her unique custom cakes are made with Australian native ingredients, vegetables, homegrown herbs and edible flowers.

Hayley has had recipes and writing featured in both international and local press, including Vogue, Food52, The Washington Post, frankie magazine, Peppermint, and Real Living.

She's hosted unique dessert pop-up events and baked for the likes of J.K. Rowling, The Australian Ballet, Romance Was Born, and Beci Orpin’s book Find and Keep. She made the cover of Epicure/GoodFood in 2016, ranked number 1 for Melbourne wedding cakes.

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Sticky Fingers, Green Thumb invites your imagination to travel out of the kitchen and into the garden. Almost sixty recipes celebrate vegetables, herbs and edible flowers in cakes and other sweet snacks. Tips on how to harness their unique flavours, prep them for baking and even grow them yourself will inspire you to create flavour-packed baked treats.

Recipes such as Spiced Parsnip & Willow Blossom cake; Porcini Caramel & Chestnut cake; Apple Cider and Zucchini muffins; Lavender Bay Leaf shortbread; Sweet Pea & Green Tea cake; Hibiscus brownies; and Lemon Myrtle & Fennel Seed honey cake, will get you thinking about your garden produce in a whole new way.

Broken into five chapters, including: Real Baking Know-how, Vegetables in Baked Desserts, and Edible Flowers & Herbs in Baked Desserts, each recipe includes a beginner gardening tip or trick so you can grow the produce you bake with. This is baking as it should be – soulful, earthy and seasonal, in Hayley's signature, delicious style.

Available Australia-wide via Readings, Dymocks, Angus & Robertson, Myers and your local bookshop.

For international orders, head to Amazon.